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Does your child absolutely despise brushing their teeth? If so, we have five suggestions that might make brushing more enjoyable and fun!

No. 1: Hum a tune.
Have your child hum a two minute tune while they brush their teeth. Better yet, join them! As you both sing, scrub each tooth thoroughly and have fun cleaning. You can also encourage your child to move their lips, tongue, and jaw as they hum the song. That way, different angles of their mouth will be cleaned.

No. 2: Create a bubble machine.
Convince your child that they are a bubble machine! The more they brush, the more bubbles they will make. In a two minute time period, see how many bubbles they can make while they clean their smile.

No. 3: Make it a family activity.
Make brushing your teeth a family activity! Get everyone into the bathroom, even the family dog if you want to. Begin brushing your own teeth and then after 30 seconds or so, switch and brush someone else’s teeth! You can rotate and clean each member of the family’s teeth. Remember, if you clean the dog’s teeth, make sure to use a separate toothbrush and wash your hands afterward.

No. 4: Play music.
Put a cheap or old stereo into the bathroom and play a two minute song your child knows and loves. As the song plays, have your child brush their teeth. You can also encourage them to dance and sing. Please feel free to join them and turn it into a tooth brushing party!

No. 5: Use an hourglass.
Kids are fascinated with hourglass timers. If you use an hourglass rather than a digital timer while your child brushes their teeth, they will enjoy watching the sand drop from one section of glass to the other.

For more tips and tricks to enjoying oral hygiene and brushing your teeth, call our office today!